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2021 CCR Report is now available

Hiland Water has completed our Consumer Confidence Report for 2021. You can access it here:

Items of note:
1) Our December 2021 test for Nitrates in the lower well failed to meet standards.
2) Lead was listed at 10 (below the MCL of 15, but still high)

Tooley Water has been operating on the upper well solely throughout the winter. Additionally, we have been taking regular nitrate samples of the lower well's water so we can understand how the Nitrate levels change over time. We will inform you in the event we have to turn on the lower well again (due to the upper well not being able to keep up with water demand).

February 2022 board meeting has been cancelled

The February 2022 board meeting has been cancelled due to lack of quorum.

The next scheduled board meeting will take place 3/17/22 at 7:00pm.

Board meetings are regularly scheduled for the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Contact (541)340-0032 if you would like virtual access to this meeting.

New board member appointed - Amanda Valentine

Tooley Water District is pleased to announce the appointment of Amanda Valentine to the board.

Ms. Valentine is fulfilling Position 4 on the board previously fulfilled by Mr. David Pratt who passed away in may.

Ms. Valentine was previously fulfilling Position 5 of the Tooley Water District Budget Committee. This leaves a vacancy on the budget committee. Please contact a board member if you would be interested in participating in the budget committee.

Lower well operational again

We are back to running on both pumps and are able to keep up with demand.

Thanks to A&A Pumps for taking care of us.

Reservoir is empty

Please conserve water.

The reservoir is now empty. This has impacted all users located above the reservoir.

AA pump service plans to initiate work on the lower well tomorrow morning.
They will need to pull the pump out of the lower well which will take some time.
Expect to be out of water until at least tomorrow afternoon.

Edit: 4:00pm
Reservoir is up a couple of inches.
Everyone should have water.


Edit: 5:38pm
Reservoir is empty again.
We need to conserve better!

Reservoir about empty

Unfortunately The upper well is unable to keep up with demand.

The reservoir is down to it's last couple inches of water.

This will impact users on the upper pressure system first
(all users located above the reservoir).

If you can conserve water. Please do so.

We are hoping that AA pump service can get our lower well fixed sometime today.

Edit: Monday 12:38PM
I just received bad news from our pump installer.
There was an issue with the products shipped.
AA pump will not be able to initiate work on the lower well until tomorrow morning (Tuesday) 7:00am