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System Issues

Tooley Water District experienced system issues today (5/14/19) as our radio system between our reservoir and the wells failed. This caused our reservoir to drain empty which in turn created a situation where many users lost water. Additionally many users experienced brown rust colored water. The radio system is now operational and all systems are back to normal.

We recommend running water through your faucet if you experience rust colored water to clear out your lines.

2019/2020 Budget Meeting

The 2019/2020 Budget meeting will take place Thursday 5/16/19 at NWCPUD board room at 5:00pm.
This is a public meeting. Tooley Water District Rate Payers will have the opportunity for comment.

More details are available here:

Latest budget details for upcoming hearing

Tooley Water District budget forms have been updated with the most recent transactions and are available for download here:

It should be noted errors were found and fixed from the "Preliminary Documents" that were previously uploaded to Tooley's website.

Update 6/15:
Agenda can be downloaded here:

Hiland Water Lead and Copper Testing Volunteers Requested

Good Morning,

I am emailing today to ask if you would be willing to participate in the lead and copper testing program. Hiland Water would drop off a sample bottle on your front door step with directions on how to take the sample. We would come back a couple days later and pick up the water sample. Your sample could be placed back where the empty bottle was placed. Once the test results are back you will receive a copy of the lab results and a letter explaining the test results.

If you are willing to participate please respond to this email with a yes and I will get you your sample bottle.

Hiland Water Corp

Update 6/26/18: Volunteers have been identified and test sample kits have been dropped off.