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Safety First

***Post UPDATED 10/21/15 by John Amery***
Tooley Water District Volunteers!

After a recent consultation with OSHA (see report here: ), a new safety data sheet has been developed.
Access the new safety datasheet here:

Link to previous Hazards Report for information on safety is available here:

Wildfires - Are you prepared?

The Pacific Northwest has been plagued with wildfires this year. Are you prepared if a wildfire breaks out near your place of residence?

Check out FEMA's website for a list of things you should know:

Tooley Water District now has a website

During the June 25th board meeting the Tooley Water District board authorized the development of a website.

While the hosting fees will be paid by Tooley Water District, all website development is being offered pro bono by local resident John Amery (me).

I am excited about the opportunity to bring visibility and transparency to the Tooley Water District. I hope the new website will be a useful tool for board members, community residents, volunteers, and others.

As new residents in the area my wife and I experienced difficulty locating contact information to hook up our water. A website would have been helpful. Hopefully the next new resident in the area will have an easier time now that we have a website.

I'm also hoping the website will be a useful tool aiding local community members who would like to become involved with our water district. We are a very small water district and volunteers are most welcome.

Chairman of the board stepping down

After may years of service, Tooley Water District chairman Mark Mauser is stepping down from the board.

Mr. Mauser cites the reason for stepping down to allow him to "travel more with his wife".

This creates a vacancy in the five person board. Individuals interested in the water board can contact Larry Russ
This position is an elected position, however a temporary appointment will be made by the board to fulfill the current requirements until the next election cycle takes place.