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Budget Committee Selected

On Thursday May 18th the Tooley Water Board developed a new structure for the Budget Committee. This change in the structure is intended to follow Oregon budgeting standards.

Five Budget Committee positions were developed. Each position is a three year position. In order to stagger when positions expire, positions will have an early expiration until we get on cycle.

The following people were appointed:

Position 1 - Expires 7/1/17: Susan Russ
Position 2 - Expires 7/1/17: Kay Pratt
Position 3 - Expires 7/1/18: Larry Russ
Position 4 - Expires 7/1/18: Janice Crompton
Position 5 - Expires 7/1/19: Carol Mauser

Three board member positions fulfilled

The May 16th election presented three board member positions on the ballot.

The following three positions were fulfilled:

Position 1 - John Amery (4 year term)
Position 2 - Richard Pontow (4 year term)
Position 5 - Debby Jones (2 year term completion)

2016 / 2017 Capital Improvement Project

Tooley Water Board voted to spend up to $2,500 (Capital Improvement Budget Line Item) on a new cellular based monitoring system. Tooley Water Board feels that additional monitoring capabilities will reduce the risk of failures as well as expedite fixes when issues arise. The board authorized Mr. Amery to work with Tooley's contractors (Hiland Water) to develop a quality base system.

Three board positions up for election

On the May 16th ballot three of the five board members will be up for re-election.

  • Position 1 - John Amery - running unopposed (4 year term)
  • Position 2 - Richard Pontow - running unopposed (4 year term)
  • Position 5 - Debby Jones - running unopposed (2 year term completion)

Larry Russ resigned from the board. John Amery appointed to take his place

After many many years of faithful service to his community Larry Russ has finally resigned from the Tooley Water Board. Larry sites his resignation will now allow for more time to pursue his hobbies and other passions.

Tooley Water Board and the Tooley Water community will greatly miss the incredible service Larry has provided over the years.

In anticipation of Larry's resignation (he did provide ample warning) Tooley Water District has extended their contract with their maintenance contractor Highland Water to provide for additional on-site visits. The purpose of these visits is to fulfill the extra work load previously donated by Larry in terms of system maintenance and preventative maintenance.

John Amery was appointed to replace Larry on the Tooley Water District Board.