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Update - Lower well out

As of Sunday 6/20 about noon we have not lost water.

However, we are not "quite" keeping up with demand.
Our reservoir has been slowly lowering since 10:00pm last night.
The upper pump can not keep up with demand.

We need to conserve water a bit better.
It should be noted that we were doing great until 10:00pm last evening.

At current water usage rates we will run out of water.
Please go back to conserving water.

Lower pump out - Please limit water usage

The lower pump just went out.

Tooley Water District WILL run out of water based upon our current water usage.

Please limit water usage until we can get this issue resolved.

If you run out of water you should shut off the circuit breaker to your hot water heater until you have water again.

We do not currently have a schedule for when we can get the lower pump repaired.

Please communicate this message to your neighbors.

Edit: 1:00pm
Looks like we will not be able to get a new motor until Monday.

Please conserve water all weekend.

Edit: 6:00pm
Everybody is doing a good job of conserving water.
The upper well has been able to keep up with demand.
Keep up the good work and keep conserving.
If you have to water plants or lawns, keep it to a minimum.

Edit: Saturday 6/19/21 10:20am
I am lowering the risk level (a bit).
The upper well has been keeping up with demand.
Let's still be mindful of conserving water, but keep your plants alive.

Thank you Hire Electric

A big thank you to Hire Electric for their timely response to our emergency on a weekend!!!

Lower well is operational again. Feel free to irrigate.

Running out of water

Please turn off all irrigation systems and conserve water.

The lower well is having electrical issues.
The upper well can not keep up with demand.

We will likely run out of water today (Sunday) unless we can get a contractor out to resolve these issues.

In the event you run out of water you should turn off the circuit breaker to your hot water heater.

Turning on Lower well for summer - Possible Nitrate contamination

NOTICE: Tooley Water District is turning on the lower well again. We plan to keep the lower well on throughout the summer.


It has been determined that the upper well can not keep up with demand during the high water usage periods over the summer.

2021-2022 Budget Hearing

Tooley Water District will be having a Budget Hearing on 6/17/21 at 7:00 pm. This will be a public meeting and public comment will be taken.

Budget forms are available here:

Meeting is accessible online via this link:
or by phone: +1-408-418-9388

Meeting Number: 628 248 577
Password: F2Tr2vpG5Gm

Lower well turned off

As of 3:00pm on Friday 6/4/21 Tooley Water District shut down the lower well (the well that has previously tested high for nitrate levels).

We have been solely operating off the upper well since then.

It will take some time for all the water to clear out of the system. Also, it will take some time for test results to come back.

We are temporarily turning on the lower well

We are having difficulties filling the reservoir. People on the upper section currently have very little water pressure and the upper well can not seem to keep up.

We are turning on the lower well, the well that previously had bad tests for Nitrates. Our latest test taken 5/5/21 was only 5.4ppm which is well below the MCL of 10.

We feel that temporarily turning on this lower well is safe and are doing so now. We will update this page when we turn the lower well back off again.

Edit: 10:38am
I missed a previous test (which was still good). The following represents our recent tests of the lower well:

Tooley Lower Well
Nitrate Logs
Date Result MCL
01/13/21 3.99 10
01/29/21 8 10
02/10/21 8.9 10
02/24/21 5.06 10
03/22/21 7.84 10
04/07/21 5.85 10
04/20/21 9.6 10
05/05/21 5.4 10
05/20/20 4.6 10