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Latest budget details for upcoming hearing

Tooley Water District budget forms have been updated with the most recent transactions and are available for download here:

It should be noted errors were found and fixed from the "Preliminary Documents" that were previously uploaded to Tooley's website.

Update 6/15:
Agenda can be downloaded here:

Hiland Water Lead and Copper Testing Volunteers Requested

Good Morning,

I am emailing today to ask if you would be willing to participate in the lead and copper testing program. Hiland Water would drop off a sample bottle on your front door step with directions on how to take the sample. We would come back a couple days later and pick up the water sample. Your sample could be placed back where the empty bottle was placed. Once the test results are back you will receive a copy of the lab results and a letter explaining the test results.

If you are willing to participate please respond to this email with a yes and I will get you your sample bottle.

Hiland Water Corp

Update 6/26/18: Volunteers have been identified and test sample kits have been dropped off.

New Budget Committee Members

At the April 19th board meeting the Tooley Water Board filled vacancies in the Tooley Water District budget committee. The committee is now fulfilled by the 5 board members along with the following community members:

Position 1: Sam Sprenger
Position 2: David Child
Position 3: Larry Russ
Position 4: Kay Pratt
Position 5: Susan Russ

Tooley Water District Budget Committee Meeting

The Budget Committee will be meeting May 17th at 5:00pm
Location: NWCPUD Board Room.
Please park away from the PUD building and enter through the east entrance such that we do not disrupt NWCPUD business activities.

OHA categorizes Tooley Water System as Outstanding Performance

Oregon Health Authority has completed their water system survey for Tooley Water District. OHA has categorized Tooley Water District's water system as "Outstanding Performance". Tooley Water District appreciates the efforts made by our system contractor "Hiland Water" in maintaining our water system to Outstanding Performance standards. See the full report here:

Tooley Water Board Election of Officers

Tooley Water Board voted on officer roles for 2018 at last evenings board meeting.

Chairperson - Carol Mauser
Secretary - Debby Jones
Treasurer - John Amery

Carol Mauser appointed to the board

Tooley Water District is pleased to announce that Carol Mauser has been appointed to the Water District Board.

Mrs. Mauser will be fulfilling the position vacated when Carl Carson resigned last September.

Mrs. Mauser has a strong background in government and management. Mrs. Mauser was previously the Tooley Water District Budget Committee Chairperson. Her husband Mark Mauser is a past board member as well as past chairman of the board.

We look forward to the perspective and value Mrs. Mauser will bring to Tooley Water District.

Carl Carson Resignation

Chairman of the Board Carl Carson presented his letter of resignation directly following last evening's water board meeting.

Mr. Carson cited the reason for his resignation as he and his family were selling their house. Mr. Carson will no longer be residing within the Tooley Water District thus will be ineligible to serve as a board member for the district.

Mr. Carson will very much be missed by fellow board members as well as by the neighborhood. Mr. Carson served his local community with kindness and effort. Not only is he known for bringing a thoughtful and fair approach to the Tooley Water Board, but he is also known to be a helping neighbor to the entire community.

Tooley Water Board will be developing a list of potential replacement candidates for Mr. Carson at the next board meeting to take place 10/19/17 at NWCPUD boardroom 7:00pm. Please contact John Amery John Amery if you would like to be considered as a potential replacement candidate.