Warning!!! High Nitrate Levels in the water

On 8/10/23 a sample was taken from the lower well and provided to the labs for analysis. That result came back today reflecting 13.2 mg/L of Nitrate in the water. 10 mg/L is considered the Maximum allowable Contaminate Level (MCL) in community drinking water systems.

Tooley Water District is planning to keep this offending well operating through the summer months. Tooley Water District's contractor has been taking Nitrate samples from this well approximately every 2 weeks, and intends to keep up with that testing pattern moving forward.

We will update this website when Tooley Water District turns this offending well off for the winter. We plan to do this in late fall when water demand is reduced.

Please see the following link to a document with more details regarding Nitrates in drinking water.
Tooley Water District's contractor (Hiland Water) will be distributing this flyer to every Tooley Water District resident tomorrow (8/15).